The nurses Temp Agency was the second Temp Agency that started in Denmark within the Health Sector way back in 1990.
At that time only a few agencies and no institutions believed and meant that there was a need for this service.

But with a conviction that skilled staff were and are better than unskilled also in the health sector. We are today one of the only 100% Danish owned agency.

From the beginning SPVB has established that the deal is first good when all parties are satisfied, customer - temp - SPVB and with that attitude we have turned into the next century with the belief that we continue to be and stay among the best.

SPVB is managed (directed) by Hanne Rou Jensen, a nurse, who is the pioneer behind the Temp Agency within the Health Sector and who today is the Administrating Director and main shareholder in SPVB. But with  Klaus Jensen,Birthe Schøtt , Ursula Bonitz, Anne Maria Thormann,Marianne Toft and Karin Boe together with a large staff of well educated and well qualified employers - we are the framework of SygePlejerskernes VikarBureau  - a stable professional and well established Agency.